Iguana Diets

Iguana diets are a very important part of keeping an iguana as a pet. They do need a diet of green leafy vegetables. The first thing that comes to the mind of a pet owner is iceberg lettuce, but this lettuce has very little nutritional value for an iguana but it does give it water. In their natural habitat, they eat mostly the leaves and flowers of plants on the jungle floor. You do have to include four or five different kinds of these leaves and flowers in the diet.

Although an iguana will eat meat if you give it to your pet, it is not a good choice of food. A diet rich in protein and carbohydrates is not good for this lizard. Too much meat will result in the iguana becoming very ill and since there are few vets who are trained to deal with this species, this could be fatal. Fruits should only comprise about 20% of the diet.

The typical plants that you should feed your iguana include:

Try to include a variety of these foods in every meal instead of confining each meal to one food. If you cannot obtain alfalfa cubes, you can buy powdered alfalfa and sprinkle it over the leaves. It is not advisable to add supplements to an iguana’s diet because you could possible give it too much and this could cause a problem.